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Spring barley


BOJOS spring barley reaches the yield of feed barley, sometimes it exceeds it. Its protein content can be influenced well by fertilization and other technological elements. It has excellent stamina and tillering, 800-850 corn-ear per square meter. The spica by plant is 2 rows and medium in size. It is not outstandingly resistant to diseases. Its protein content and classification are at the level of breeds currently used in the brewing industry. Its malting properties are acceptable under different ecological and cultivation conditions. Recognized brewery in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

Recommended sowing time: middle of February- middle of March
Recommended seed quantity: 180-200 kg/ha

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Spring wheat



GRANNY Fibrous spring wheat with early ripening. Good disease resistance and high number of falls guarantee of good quality milling. It's high, stable yields can be recommended for all production site.
Recommended sowing time: middle of February- middle of March
Recommended seed quantity: 190-200 kg/ha
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SW Kadrilj is a very attractive spring soft wheat thanks to its high fertility, excellent stamina and excellent disease resistance. Good milling quality, very good disease resistance is particularly stands out for fusarium and yellow rust resistance. Ripening is medium to early.
Recommended sowing time: end of February- middle of March
Recommended seed quantity: 175-200 kg/ha

Recommended amount of fertilizer:

  • The beginning of vegetation: 60-70 kg/ha active substance of nitrogen
  • In spike time: 30-50 kg/ha active substance of nitrogen
  • In the ear time: 50-70 kg/ha active substance of nitrogen
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Spring oat


Its excellent adaptability, good resistance to disease and high fertility make it outstanding.
Strongly beginning advanced oats. Its stems are thick, strongly waxy, slightly hairy. Middle prematurity, characterized by uniform ripening. Thousand seed weight is high. Tolerant or resistant to major pathogens. Not sensitive to herbicides. It requires moderate nutrition. Suitable for human use.

Recommended sowing time: early of March
Recommended seed quantity: 140-190 kg/ha

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Spring cereal

Winter cereal



Sunflower, oil-pumpkin


Green manure

Green manure


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